Hi. I'm Maria Hill.

I am Maria Hill, the founder of the Magic Of Joy, Sensitive Evolution, and author of The Emerging Sensitive: A Guide For Finding Your Place In The World. I am also an artist and healer and I love animals and nature.

I have always been a curious person seeking to understand how the world around me works and why.  As a result, I have an eclectic history of working in various fields, including healthcare and information technology.

From a very young age, I kept wondering why if everyone wanted to be happy, no one seemed to be. I started thinking for myself at a young age, trying to understand the world. Much of my education, including my interest in frameworks like Spiral Dynamics and the Soulcentric Wheel Of Development created by Dr. Bill Plotkin, has been driven by my desire to understand the world better so I could be part of creating a happier one. I have found patterns to be the most useful for working constructively with cultural and individual diversity.

I am a synthesist, so I investigate ideas and information to seek understanding and insight. My favorite question is "Why?" and I seek the best, the deepest, and the truest answer I can find.

Having explored for many years, I have discovered that so much of what we do is driven by shame and fear-based ideas and habits that limit what we imagine to be possible. I personally think we need to start a totally new conversation about how we can create a world that fosters joy and all of the goodness that comes with it.

As a result, I have created a joy practice through my Magic Of Joy Program to help us reimagine life and develop the practices we need to live more joyfully.

It is important to understand that a fear-based world creates structures supporting its view, which means many conflicts, wars, traumas, and obstacles. There is a high degree of siege mentality in the fear-based world.

We need to flip the script and create a world that invites trust, connection, health, and relaxed thriving. That's what the Magic Of Joy's joy practice aims to do.


I have lots of different projects:

  • Founder of Sensitive Evolution, a website for sensitive people, and the author of The Emerging Sensitive A Guide For Finding Your Place In The World. Sensitive Evolution is one of the largest resources for sensitive people on the internet and includes not only a blog and library but also an immersive yearlong transformational program, The Emerging Sensitive Program, based on the frameworks of Spiral Dynamics and the Soulcentric Wheel of Development created by Dr. Bill Plotkin. This program helps sensitive people get a handle on the different cultural systems and their mindsets to develop a more ecological perspective about human life and participate in the cultural shift we are going through.
  • Creator of the Magic Of Joy program and the unique joy practice that provides the mental and energetic support to clear the fear and shame-based programs that we have all inherited and then, with joy-based processes and foundations, shift into a healthier, thriving approach to life with ease.
  • Coaching to help people at an individual level release themselves from the imposed mental and emotional straitjackets and find a healthier way forward that embraces the big shifts we are going through
  • Moderator and supporter of the grief process for childless women at Gateway-Women/Childless Collective.
  • World Childless Week Ambassador
  • Creator of the Age Of The Queen webinar series for World Childless Week.

I am also a healer as a Reiki Master, and a Certified Theta Healer. I practice Transcendental Meditation and have incorporated many of the Ayurveda practices into my life.

In addition, I am an abstract painter. I am a feminist, childless not by choice, and have a lifelong interest in human and animal rights.- all of which influence and are reflected in my work.

I have been seeking a different way my whole life, from shame and fear-based to a joy-based one. The pathway I have created clears the negative inheritance of the past, rebalances the masculine and feminine energies, provides energy practices for gentle and profound shifts, aligns mind, body, emotions, and energy, and helps you reclaim and express your real self. The result is a transformation that helps you manifest a happier, freer, and joy-based life for yourself and others.


BA, Tufts University, Medford, MA
MBA, Babson College, Wellesley, MA
BFA in Painting  and Printmaking, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA
Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Painting from Maryland Institute College Of Art, Baltimore, MD

Additional Education:

Spiral Dynamics Level 1 Certification
Theta Healing Certification: Basic, Advanced, Digging, Manifesting
Animas Valley Institute: Soulcraft and Wild Mind Intensives, Nature and The Human Soul
Core Essentials Program (Coaching Certificate), Coach U, FL
NVC Consulting - Online Spiral Dynamics Course
Flow Consultant Certification, Entrepreneur's Institute.
Introduction To Nature-Based Coaching, Sagefire Institute
Reiki Master Program (Certificate), John Harvey Gray and Lourdes Gray,  and Libby Barnett, both located in NH.
Ho'oponopono Certified Practitioner