What Is Your Conversation With The World? 

The world is opening up. These times invite us to claim or reclaim our voices to explore new possibilities as we create new cultural systems. I find it to be so exciting and inspiring! What would you find inspiring?

Deep in my bones, I feel the energy of a beautiful new world that so many of us have imagined for so long. We have been inundated with talk of danger and survival for so long and unending emergencies claiming too much time, energy, and resources.  It is time to free ourselves from unnecessary crises to live a beautiful new conversation.

We need a conversation and process based on friendly values that can create trust and restore health to all of us, our cultural systems, and the earth. When we do, thriving becomes the new normal. The Magic Of Joy is just one step among millions dedicated to creating a healthier, happier, more inclusive world.

One of the steps in creating this new healthier world is to claim the good in ourselves and celebrate our unique and valuable gifts. This is not the same as self-promotion. It is the self-determination that comes from respecting the life we have been given, learning about ourselves and what we have to offer, discovering ways to contribute in a generous way, and caring for ourselves and our world in a natural and gracious way.

Welcome - I hope you enjoy the website and all the information you find here. I would love to hear about your conversation with the world.




Joy: The Most Beautiful Use Of Your Freedom

We are crossing many thresholds right now, from authoritarian and patriarchal cultures to mutual and collaborative systems, from nature abusing to nature supporting, and from survival to thriving. The Magic Of Joy supports individuals crossing the many thresholds we are facing now.

The Magic Of Joy Program is designed for seekers of a kinder, healthier, and more grounded way of living.  We support heart-focused seekers, especially those who have been othered:  women,  childless, and sensitives/empaths, in making important, self-honoring changes in their lives. It is especially helpful for those othered individuals who have some experience in life and are ready to take the next step in their life to one that honors them and is more rewarding and joyful. They may be living through a personal transition or on a different life path due to circumstances or because they are different.  

Seekers want greater fulfillment, more authentic ways of living, clarity about toxic cultural dynamics, freedom from oppressive social narratives, and the energy skills to develop the beautiful, wise energy of a mature and grace-filled human.


The Magic Of Joy helps you:

  • understand outmoded but active cultural patterns to release their harmful dynamics, especially authoritarian ones,
  • understand how the past supports us today and what no longer serves us,
  • discover the "why" of many of your inner and outer problems so that your mind is on your side,
  • learn how joy provides you with a healthy channel to support your freedom and thriving,
  • become skilled in energy techniques that will shift your energies and focus toward the freedom of joy,
  • heal the mistakes and mindsets of the past,
  • reimagine your identity to embrace the future lovingly and enthusiastically,
  • discover others who are doing this important work,
  • find your place in this time of transition,
  • reimagine your life by changing the story you are living into the world.

Join us to immerse yourself in new ideas about living in our beautiful world. Ready to transform your ideas about what is possible? You are invited to this beautiful journey.

Magic Of Joy Values


No. 1  Freedom 

Freedom is a core value that honors and celebrates the good in each person and all of life. It is the foundation for all growth, adaptability, and quality of life. It is open to the known and unknown and invites wisdom.

No. 2  Personal Discovery, Self-Determination,  And Independence

Each person has something unique to offer the world. Self-discovery and self-determination are key to the emergence of each person's unique gifts. They foster the healthy independence of co-creators.

No. 3  Wisdom

Freedom feels wonderful when combined with wisdom. By illuminating the deeper dynamics in present toxic realities, you can make constructive changes that foster your well-being and invite the joy a wise freedom offers.

No. 4  Deep Respect

Deep respect honors the human journey, the contributions of the past, and the importance of a healthy, thriving world. It invites the cherishing we need to celebrate a common good and make life work again.

No. 5  Friendship

The spirit of friendship is the spirit of goodwill and supports our intelligence. When we invite and claim it we can relax and then co-create a happier, healthier world.