Coaching Program Options

Session Scheduling

Honoring The Journey

Coaching can be many things. To provide you with the flexibility to explore in a way that works for you, we have four options.

  • Resolution: A  single session is good for a very specific issue where you need a sounding board, insight, or problem-solving.
  • Pivot: A three-session option to work through change in a specific direction of some kind.
  • Turnaround: A six-session option to discover a change in direction and to also get support for the implementation.
  • A Beautiful Transformation: Finally, we have a subscription of either 1 or 2 calls a month for a more long-term transformational project.

The first option is great for a limited-scope problem that needs another pair of eyes and ears to arrive at a decision or choice of some kind. The other options are ways to take on larger issues and greater change while also giving you the freedom to use the time and support in the way that makes the most sense for you. Other options are useful for more extensive explorations: ex. a decision you need to make, what direction to pursue etc. They can include implementation support. There are no specific time limits on when you can use your sessions when you select multiple sessions, so you have the flexibility to go at your own pace.

Scheduling is processed through Calendly. and calls are hosted on Zoom. When you select your preferred schedule below, so you will be invited to the Mighty Networks Community, where we host coaching in a private Space. You will be able to then select your first coaching session through Calendly. Your coaching comes with a membership included and all the resources of the Magic Of Joy community.


What's Included



Coaching calls on Zoom and access to the Coaching Space on  Mighty Networks Community and the community resources.  A special modular process for working through ideas and changes that you can make your own.

Follow Up

Chat/DM access between phone calls for questions that arise and to facilitate the change process.


A wide variety of resources that are thought-provoking and instructive to enlarge your sense of possibility and invite you to imagine different new pathways for yourself. Articles and other resources to support your specific objectives.

Coaching Session Options

A Beautiful Transformation

$125/mo subscription
  • One or 2 calls per month
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Access to Coaching Space
  • Access to the Mighty Networks Community
  • Cancel at any time.


$350 for group of 3 sessions
  • For developing a new direction
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Access To Coaching Space
  • Access to the Mighty Networks Community
  • Payment option


$700 for group of 6 sessions
  • Good for support during change
  • Flexible schduling
  • Access to Coaching Space
  • Access to the Mighty Networks Community
  • Payment option

Single Session

Sometimes a simple, focused coaching call is what you need and we offer that also.


$100 per session
  • Individual call for limited scope coaching
  • Flexible scheduling

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