Fundamentals Of The Joy Life

What does a joy-based life even mean? It sounds great but are we kidding ourselves? Can joy really help us? Let\’s start with this quote about joy.

Joy is not just a feeling. Joy is an intelligence, an anchor, a practice, a skill, and a compass. Joy is a way to make friends with ourselves, each other, and nature. It is time to make the spirit of friendship that joy creates a living reality in our lives.

Joy is a fundamental shift in how we live. Let\’s delve into what that means.

Many people think of joy as a feeling and associate it with toxic positivity. Because there is so much conflict in the world, it seems too naive to use to deal with our current problems, let alone transform our lives. However, because joy is an expansive and generous, connecting energy, it has the potential to reduce our high-threat world so we can all work better together. There are several fundamentals for a joy-based way that can help us,

Joy Is Ecological

The natural resources of this earth support all of us. The more we protect those resources for the benefit of all, the easier it is for us to see each other as co-guardians of our quality of life. When we share our connection with nature, we protect our well-being together. This kind of collaboration, which is natural to joy-based living, would make it easier for each person to feel much safer.  Reducing fear would be wonderful since fears are high and sometimes out of control.

Socially and culturally, the common good has, in the past, been a basis of connection. More recently, as humans have separated themselves from nature, ur relationships with the earth and each other have become less hospitable. Connection seems to have been codified through ideologies of various kinds, which turn people with different viewpoints into threats, making it harder for us all to work together. The more we allow the earth, our natural home be our common ground, the easier it is to release fears based on ideologies.

Joy Is Friendly

Joy recognizes and aligns with the good in life. It seeks to find the most nourishing and life-affirming solutions to any problem or need. Joy sees the good in our humanity and human qualities. It welcomes our wholeness and trueness, so it is easier to be ourselves and give what we have to give.

Joy sees the universe as a friend and life also. When something is not working, joy can help you adjust what you are doing or expecting, and as a result, you stay in the flow of life. Joy doesn\’t;t use force; it works with people and life circumstances. The friendly nature of joy reduces stress in the individual and a group. It is easier to relax even when working with people and in the direction of the unfolding of life. It is also easier to feel good about yourself and your contribution when you work and relate this way.

Joy Is Constructive

When you align with the unfolding of life and work with others to support the common good, your intention is naturally constructive, and your actions and results will likely be also. Because joy is an energy of connection and generosity, being constructive feels safe and good. Joy does not seek an advantage over others. It does not seek control over resources and people for its advantage. Joy can only thrive when everyone thrives in their own way.

When working to support the common good in a friendly way with others, a commitment to create joy opens the door for the easy exchange of ideas, resources, and purpose.

Joy is a wonderful energy that makes our lives easier and thriving natural. It fosters the spirit of friendship between humans and with the earth. It treats everyone and everything as team members to create thriving and enhancing the common good. What is especially delightful is how much easier it is to reach wise decisions as an individual and as a group.

Joy can release a lot of stress and pain when we shift our inner anchor and embrace these three foundational aspects of a joy-based life.

Photo by Filip Mroz on Unsplash

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