How Fundamental Will Change Be

We will be experiencing fundamental change in how we think and live, what priorities will consume our time, and what kinds of success we will strive for. No aspect of life will be untouched by the profound changes that are necessary to save ourselves and the planet. This is not drama; it is reality.

New Story; New Priorities

There are lots of reasons why we are in the precarious position we are in. It is not just a manifestation of human malice. It is not just a power drive. It is actually deeper and more fundamental than that. We are living a perception or story about life that survival is the story of our lives. It may seem strange to question that because, of course, we want to survive and need to survive. The reason we have to overhaul our definition of what life is all about is because it is apparent that it is missing the mark.

The survival story is a lens that sees adversity even when it does not exist. Survival activates our fears as a matter of course. It is one thing to be diligent in protecting oneself, but it is another to be distrustful and suspicious of everyone and everything. However, that is how life\’s survival story works in culture after culture and relationships of all kinds. This is not just a matter of one\’s personal mindset. Our cultures are structured around this narrative. The survival story creates a lot of defensiveness in people because they have been taught to fear attacks from others. That is one reason why we cannot get beyond all of the conflicts we are drowning in.

The Story Creates  A Cultural Structure

Whatever cultural story that members of a social group have identified for themselves will be supported in the structure created by the culture. So if the story is \”life is a perpetual vacation\”, then the culture will be organized to maximize that reality. So people will work enough but not more to meet basic needs and be on vacation the rest of the time. If the story is that life is a war, and others are out to get us, then we will create a cultural system that reflects the distrust and suspicions of others, including perhaps creating an investment in military support.

What Needs To Change

Our war-like ways have done a lot of damage to people and the planet. We cannot sustain the constant trauma to people and the earth.

Therefore we will need a new story, one that creates a healthy world,  promotes the well-being of the planet and people in order to heal the cumulative damage created by war. We will need to:

  • shift from destructive war-based systems that damage all being on the earth to an ecologically based cultural system that enables healing of people and also our stressed natural resources.
  • replace cultural hierarchies with sharing models:  co-living, co-creating, collaborating, sharing the world.
  • release our bond with a survival narrative and shift to a thriving narrative, which is not scarcity with money.
  • shift from fear to joy-based living, which means a big internal shift, with new priorities.

Each of these changes is momentous on its own. Combined they are a lot to handle. If you know, what is coming, though, you can focus on priorities that are important.

Releasing the outmoded ideas, energies and stuckness around the past is one of our most important tasks. Rethinking how we live is imperative also. When you are able to recognize the benefits and beauty of this time, you will be inspired to make the most of it. Time is up on the survival story and it is time for a new one. I hope you can embrace the changes we are going through.


Photo by Matthew on Unsplash

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