Joy And Delight

Most people think of joy as a feeling, and it is. When we make joy our anchor and compass, it brings us important benefits.

The Energy Of Joy

Joy is more than a happy feeling. It can be that, but it is actually a lot more.

Joy is the feeling of rightness. It comes from the harmony between ourselves, others, and the world. What is right is not just a mental or social construct, and as long as we continue to force false definitions of rightness, we will never get beyond all of the war and conflict destroying the world.

When your energy is clear, it recognizes when something is right and when it is off. When you are trying to solve a problem, you can feel energeticcally when a solution is right; there is harmony that the chosen solution brings to you and others. You can feel it and experience it. It brings a natural delight.

When you get that feeling, you actually feel freer. Something that was bothering you was released. A bottleneck of some kind was resolved. When joy is used in this constructive way, we have an easier time living in a state of flow and resolving issues that prevent us from doing so.

Flow And Delight

When you use joy as an anchor and a practice, you are serving not just your interests but you are bringing what you have to offer to the common good. That in and of itself is a wonderful way to live. We are happy with ourselves when we do that, and that quality of delight that we have in how we are living becomes the self-love that we all seek. It is a gift we can give ourselves when we cultivate joy in ourselves and the world around us.

Joy should not be trivialized as just a good feeling. When joy is our focus and intention, what we are creating and promoting is quality of life for ourselves and others. It makes our actions automatically caring and constructive, and as a result, we can feel lighter and happier with ourselves. We all deserve it.


Photo by Todd Cravens on Unsplash

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