The Age Of The Queen

Women are being set free to come into their power in a way impossible in the past. That begs the question: what new way can we use our talent, experience and energy?

A New Queen Awaits

The Queen energy we are talking about here emerges from a combination of natural wisdom, world experience, the grieving process, and the end of traditional social models. It is not the ceremonial queen we see today nor the power-behind-the-throne queen of the past. It is the full whole embodied feminine in all of her glory and capability, and wisdom.

Welcome The Practical Feminine

The female of the species is proving to be the more practical. With the end of capitalism and the climate emergency, we need the transformative maturity of women. Queen energy is that energy. It is a relief from the unrelenting aggression of authoritarian and patriarchal systems.

As a species, we have lost our connection with ground. We treat reality like the enemy. The warrior energies of the past that may have sustained us in the early days of human life are now fighting to hold on to power in a world that needs collaboration, not war. It is time for the war to end. It is time for friendliness to take its place.

Anytime we are over-focused or over-invested in one type of energy or skill, we lose our balance. If all we learn how to do is fight, then that is how we approach life because those are the skills we have. If all we know how to do is social competition and control, then that is what we bring to the table, even if the table is asking for something different, which is the case right now.

Women have been described as the more mature of the sexes for a long time. Isn’t perhaps time it worked for us rather than against us? Isn’t it time all of the work put into our development became a springboard to claiming our rightful and true place? Isn’t it time that we claim our queen energy, the beautiful feminine energy which brings discernment, compassion, and skill to these complex times?

From Reckless To Cherishing

We currently have a world filled with reckless consumption, a refusal to accept limits, and a reliance on violence and control of natural resources to maintain the power-over model of human society that has been with us for thousands of years. This system is very impractical. If it were wise, we would not be having the problems we are having. It is interesting to note the degree to which our current more authoritarian systems try to maintain ignorance in the people when we need all the intelligence of each person to heal from wars and environmental collapse.

Reckless violence is not the best we can do. Overconsumption does not have to be our only happiness. Ignorance does not have to be our lot in life.

More than anything else we need maturity to take its place as a prized value, and we can find it in the emergent Queen of today.

Photo by Lena Krieg on Unsplash

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