The Dream Of A Joy-Filled World


Deep inside each of us is a dream. It is a dream we have inherited. It has existed for thousands of years inside the hearts of billions of people as they played their part in our evolution. Life over the many centuries of human life has been incredibly difficult, yet our ancestors persevered. Inch by inch, invention by invention, we have evolved to the point where for many of us, life can be quite good.

I am personally very grateful when I look around at all that has been created: doorknobs, lights, appliances, roads, schools, and art. I also cannot help but think we are at the threshold of an important step. We cannot afford to allow all of the investments in making life liveable go to waste. We cannot take what we have been given for granted. There is so much beauty in people and the world. I find it strange that we are encouraged to feel left out, resentful, or jealous rather than share and celebrate all of the good created through centuries of hard work.

The Gift Of Joy

Humans have endured centuries of struggle to achieve enough material well-being to make life liveable. However, our inner well-being is, frankly, a mess. Where is the contentment that comes from having the ability to live with dignity? Where are our regard for the earth we live on and the animals who support our lives? When are we going to start treating each other better? We have so much but what we also have is a huge amount of anxiety and misery created by relentless conflict and competition. We are ill at ease when we could be living with greater ease. 

The most important and nourishing quality in a joy-filled life is contentment and the ease it generates. When our intentions and actions are invested in creating a joy-filled world, we discover the natural friendliness in life. We develop a friendly attitude toward ourselves, each other, and life in general. That shows up in taking proper care of ourselves and valuing our life. We then treat others with the same respect and include nature in our care as well. 

The Shift To Cherishing

One of the most important qualities or experiences missing in modern life is the feeling of being cherished. How many of us feel cherished on a daily basis? Our culture, with its winner-takes-all competitions, does not appreciate how cultivating cherishing leads to a wise and mature population. Few people really feel cherished, which shows in the fear and insecurity most people live with. 

A joy-based life is one where cherishing is foundational and the norm. What have all of the thousands of years of effort been all about if we never get to a place where we are cherished? I think it is time to change our story, and I think our ancestors might agree. 

Ready to change yours and claim the cherishing you deserve?

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash



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