The Joy Of Meeting The Moment

One of my favorite phrases is “meeting the moment.”

Do you know what it is?

Have you ever had the experience of meeting the moment?

Meeting the moment is more than being present. It is what you do when you are present like the baby elephant in the image.

What Is Meeting The Moment?

What does it mean to meet the moment? It is:

  • a moment with no separation
  • a space
  • the past, present, and future
  • a place that includes all history and the unknown
  • a way of seeing that allows the current reality
  • a way of addressing what is important, not what we want or do not want
  • a way of letting what must happen arise from current conditions
  • a way of moving forward that does not impose an agenda
  • a way of proceeding that does not seek an escape.
  • natural
  • timeless
  • about what is
  • about all and nothing.

Being Present And Living The Moment

Being present and meeting the moment are not the same thing.

Being present is where you are when you are not living from your head. But then what?

There are no rules.

There is no one telling you what is important and what matters.

You are the custodian of the moment.

You are the steward of hearts, souls, and spirits.

There is no one to delegate to.

Being present puts you in cosmic space. It puts you in the place of potential.

Meeting the moment is what you decide to do with it.

One of the nice things about meeting the moment is that you realize that there is no one to clean up after you.

You are it.

Priorities When Meeting The Moment

When you are present and meeting the moment you do not have the same priorities that you might otherwise.

You are a custodian of the human spirit, of the well-being of all around you. Your agenda is not to maintain the status quo.

You have the opportunity to opt for healing choices because when you meet the moment you leave temporal considerations and have the ability to make different types of decisions.

You do not have to make predictable choices.

You are now in the land of imagination and surprise.

Your job is to meet the needs of the soul, not the ego.

Your job is to create deep satisfaction, not cheap thrills.

Your job is to remind us who we are.

Your job is to lift us from habit to inspiration.

You touch the fantastic in the ordinary.

Your job is to help others experience their souls and their soul’s hopes, wishes, and desires.

Your job is to create a different pathway from the fear world to the inspired world.

When you meet the moment you are manifesting the infinite, the nonmaterial in the material.

So you inspire.

Photo by Hu Chen on Unsplash

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