The Transformational Value Of Joy-Based Archetypes

We have so many interesting archetypes we can investigate to learn more about ourselves. Interestingly, though, these archetypes have been created in the fear-based world as guides to how we can use our energies and what the archetypes can teach us about our nature and how we can grow through them They are very illuminating.

These archetypes can be tools for learning about fears and overcoming them.  They can give us insight into what we need to cultivate to step into a new role, for example, and what to cultivate in ourselves to alleviate our fears or become more of who we can be.

Archetypes are very useful for helping us see possibilities. The work done on archetypes has helped many people figure out more about themselves and discover something new in themselves in our long-running fear-based world.

 Archetypes In A Joy-Based World

Joy is a friendly, constructive, and ecologically minded energy which is a change from the scarcity-minded, survival thinking we have been living up until now.  Therefore the archetypes for a joy-based world need to reflect the purpose and agenda of joy-based living.

Since joy is low on conflict, what do we do with archetypes like the Rebel, which can be aggressive and confrontational and sometimes very negative? What happens to the Ruler energies, which will squash rebellion to protect their status? How do we transform these energies? (It is very doable and a lot of fun!)

How do you design archetypes with the foundational requirements of joy to include being ecological and serving the common good, constructive, and friendly? How can we rearrange energies that have already been discovered or invite new ones? Can we combine energies in a different and new way to serve a different life model of joy-based living?

Archetypes help us live, grow, and change. They are useful. We can continue to build on the world that has been done by creating new archetypes for a shift in human priorities.

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