We Are Living In A Different Time: What You Need To Know

We are living in a different time, one that humans have not lived before, and so we are in uncharted territory, which can be frightening.  There is no question that we need big changes if we are to survive as a species and if we want the planet to be viable for future generations. So let\’s discuss why so we can be OK with it and even let it serve us.

Practical Needs In The Driver’s Seat

There is one primary reason we will be creating a huge overhaul of human life, and it is a practical one. What we are doing and how we are living is unsustainable. That is the only reason we need it and the real reason why change is necessary and inevitable.

We are being invited by nature to reconsider not only our priorities but also our actions. We are currently focused on short-term objectives at the expense of long-term considerations. As a result, we allow the brutality of war to do more than long-term damage to people; it also does long-term damage to natural resources by polluting air, water, and land so that recovery from war can take a terribly long time.

In addition, our economic system consumes huge resources to meet the demands of consumers and the complexity of our production systems.  Our economic infrastructure, which has developed sophisticated products, uses massive amounts of resources to sustain its production processes. These complex products have limited shelf life, and our consumption of resources does not consider the restoration or resources that would make our consumption more sustainable for the earth.

A Different Time – No More Business As Usual

It is so important for our well-being that we master the unwinding of our current cultural system and embrace the new emerging culture as a way to improve health – mental and physical – increase quality of life, and make self-regard and self-appreciation natural and common. , It is worth embracing this time where happiness in just being alive is possible and natural becasue we have shifted our priorities and transformed our wastefulness so that being resource-smart becomes a source of great comfort.

I encourage you to see these different times as not just frightening, which they can be sometimes, but also as a source of greater well-being and joy. We all deserve a world that offers us each quality of life.

Photo by Leo on Unsplash

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