The Hidden Gifts In These Changing Times

5 Keys To Mastering 2024 

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December 10, 2023 11:00AM EST

Hope Lies In What Is Emerging

You don't have to be collateral damage in other's battles.  

What Is Really Going on?

Learn about the hidden patterns of culture creating change now. (It is good news!)

How Is This Time Different?

Discover how a new story is emerging and inevitable and what opens up as a result. 

What Is The Opportunity?

See how this turning point can offer you greater thriving, health, and well-being.

How Can Change Be Easier?

Embrace the benefits of this shift and steps and skills to make change much easier.

A Webinar For Mastering Changing Times

For those who want clarity and possibility not messes and crises.

You will learn:

The five risks to be aware of during these turbulent times.

The story about how and why we get into the fix we are in and the emerging possibilities and what they offer.

The magnitude of the current cultural shift and how it is opening doors that benefit you.

Why hierarchy may be on its last legs.

The real scarcity and why it is not what you think.

The source of different forms of shame and the benefits of releasing them.

Which skills are outmoded and what new skills to develop for a new thriving world.

Approaches to make the most of this time of change so life is easier, happier, and more constructive.

Insight about why many painful feelings will go away.

A new North Star to claim that will enable you to make choices easier.

These are the most important times for the long-term well-being of people and the planet. It is actually exciting! You just need the information that supports your self-trust so your decisions and mental health are naturally easy.

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Maria Hill


Founder, Magic Of Joy and Sensitive Evolution

Author, The Emerging Sensitive; A Guide For Finding Your Place In The World

Hi. I'm an "Indiana Jones" type of treasure hunter for the cultural shift we are in.

I have been investigating cultural patterns and how they relate to our individual energies, self-perception, and identities for many decades. I learned a long time ago that although the negative drama was not necessary or real,  those negative voices seemed to drown everyone else out.  Like many other, I have had enough. Perhaps you have also.


Awareness helps. However, we also need energetic mastery. We need to lay claim to our goodness, intention, commitment, and hearts to make the important shift to a new world - the one waiting to be born.


The times we are in have been a long time coming. It is my purpose and honor to help people make the journey to a new world that awaits us.

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" I am so grateful and excited about the future! "

Claire,  Brussels,  Belgium

"I've been working with Maria Hill for seven years, and she has changed my life."

Amelia,  Randelman, NC

"I can move forward without guilt.."

Anne  Wilmington, DE

Challenging Times Do Not Have To Be A Curse!