What The New Ecological Sovereignty Requires

The new sovereignty is a way of living that is ecological. That means that sovereignty, usually defined as about control, shifts to being about engagement and contribution. You belong to the ecology. You are not the property of others. 

If we are to heal, embrace our wholeness, and coexist in healthy and safe ways together we need to make this shift. 

Here ar some of the things you want to do to make this shift:

#1: Learn about the patterns of the past that have defined life up until now.

Cultural and legal systems have defined people and nature as property. Co-creators are citizens and colleagues. Their relationship to culture and each other is more one of partnership. The beliefs and mindsets we have inherited are for a world where people are property. These beliefs are ingrained and you need to understand them to change them. A lot of the guilt and shame we have been conditioned to keep us tied to these old ways.

#2: Learn why this time is such a significant turning point.

Humans have progressed through various cultural systems to arrive at where we are today. A lot has been accomplished. You need to understand the gifts of these older systems and their mistaken ideas to harness the good from the past and release what does not work.

#3: Connect mind, body, emotions and energy.

Learning about patterns means you can connect your mind, body, emotions, and energy, so they are aligned and working in harmony. The alternative is for your mind to continue to pull you back into the past. You want your mind on your side, including your inner critic. 

#4: Do your healing work.

When you understand the patterns of the past that have created the world as we know it and have clarity about their beliefs, you can appreciate the amazingly difficult human journey that has provided us with so much. We have a lot to be grateful for. It then becomes easier to release the burdens of the past and find a way to be a part of the next step, which is to develop an ecologically sound human world. 

We have the tools and knowledge to change how we live.

I am very grateful for all those who have developed the knowledge about patterns and healing techniques now available so we can change our lives. We all deserve a world where we can be ourselves and live in dignity. We also need a world where nature and the common good is protected. This is a critical time of transformation for all of us. A joy path is a beautiful way to invite change that feels good and is good.

Photo by Jayden Yoon ZK on Unsplash


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