Who Are You Without The Baggage?

We all carry baggage from the past. We can feel it in our energy. We know it is in our minds especially when we are ruminating on something we do not understand or something that has hurt us.

Many of us work with meditations of various kinds and other exercises to release the burdensome feelings and energies around the past. However, all of the breathing exercises and forgiveness exercises do not seem to get us to a place where we feel whole and glad to be alive.

Where Does Baggage Come From?

Whatever the source of baggage, it interferes with our ability to fully live in the present and experience the joy of being alive. Baggage comes from worry and we certainly have plenty we can worry about as we make major changes as a species in our cultural systems and address environmental emergencies.

We naturally tend to think our baggage comes from our early years as a child. We live in a world where child abuse is rampant and the human world is a high trauma world. We may feel stuck in the repeating traumas of the past, which affects our ability to solve our problems well and can be very discouraging, too.

Our baggage is actually more than our childhood difficulties and traumas because, in our childhood, we are learning to conform to a long, inherited narrative about ourselves. That is what conditioning is. Essentially our baggage is our connection to the human story throughout the ages. We are usually expected to protect and advance the narratives we inherit. We have a part of ourselves, the loyal soldier, whose job it is to make sure we fit in and a brain that sends an error signal when we do not. Socially and biologically we are structured for conformity and compliance.

Why We Need To Change The Dynamic

The biggest problem with conditioning is that it keeps us tied to ideas and social arrangements based on the past. Since the world is continually changing, it is maladaptive to remain stuck in the past. There are dangers in doing so, especially if we are ignoring real and important problems. Environmental emergencies are a great example in the present.

Conditioning maintains an obligation in us to perpetual the past. Protecting history becomes a duty kept in place through guilt and shame. Financial and other investments often favor the past rather than promoting and addressing present needs. It can feel like we are trying to catch up, over and over again, and not ever able to get there.

Who Do We Become Without The Baggage?

When we release the baggage of the past and our obligation to sustain it, then we become freer to be true to ourselves and fully develop all aspects of ourselves. When we are fully present, which we then have the opportunity to be, we can have a relaxed and joyful relationship with each other and life, which feels natural and good.

Without baggage, we are able to be all in with what we have to give to the world – without reservation. Conditioning places a claim on our energies that does not let us be fully present. Releasing baggage lets us sing our hearts out and fully show up in the world. As valuable as having a gratitude practice is, it is living in full gratitude, happy to be alive that we really need. It does not get any better.

The easiest way to release baggage is through quantum healing which clears outmoded ideas, beliefs, and programs from your energy so that you are no longer tied to the past and are free to create and live fully in the present. You deserve to live wholeheartedly and quantum healing is the easiest way to get there.

Photo by Lynda Hinton on Unsplash

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